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I am originally from India, currently a PhD student in Mathematics in the US. As such I don't have very many ties to the US and I was wondering whether it is common for PhDs from the US to get academic positions in Australia and New Zealand. I have seen some jobs postings on http://www.mathjobs.org/ advertising positions in Aus/NZ universities, but I am not sure how many US PhDs apply to them.

Are most faculty members in Aus/NZ universities 'homegrown', or is it fairly common to see PhD's from other countries? Is a US PhD the norm, an advantage, or a disadvantage when applying for an academic position in Aus/NZ?

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Your research publications and the quality of your research are more important than were you got your Ph.D. When recruiting for an academic position, the committee is generally looking for someone with an excellent research record. It can help if you went to a famous university, but if you went to a famous university and do not have good publications, it will not save you.