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Can international PhD students go do internships during summer in industries?

Does their F1 visa status allow this?

From how I see it, this is neither an OPT or a CPT.

I asked my International Office and they said I could spend a term at another university because then I'm still enrolled Full Time (just at another institution) which I believe is fine with some paperwork. However, they are getting back to me (it's been a while so I am asking here) whether anyone else has done something similar?

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F-1 visa and his corresponding OPT and CPT are some or what the same for bachelors , Masters and PHD. , you can do internships whenever you want if you are a international student provided the following status.

  1. you want to do 40 hour intern in summer - you can apply for CPT.

  2. you want to do 20 hr. intern in fall or spring - you can apply for CPT.

  3. you want to do 40 hr. intern in fall or spring - you can apply for pre OPT but please note that this is you OPT period.

But all these would work if your university or college agrees on your intern , in my case , I had intern in spring in north and my univ was in South my department denied my CPT since it was far away from my univ stating that it would effect my academic performance.