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I would like to start recording mathematics lectures for students to watch on their own time.
I need to find a device that allows me to write out the lecture with a stylus and import it to a computer.
I suppose I could buy an iPad or something close to it. But, that would be a bit of money. I am looking at a Wacom Bamboo Splash. The problem here is that the writing area seems very small (the class is a math class).

  • What is a good device for writing out lectures to a computer?
  • Is there a device that makes this work best and is not hundreds of dollars?

1 Answer 1

Yes, by all means use a Wacom (any device). You need screen capturing s/w and audio capturing. You can then post the video afterwards (which will just be the computer screen, and your voice talking over it).


  • Use OneNote for your notes + Camtasia for audio/video capturing. You might also use an external MP3 recorder for sound if your PC mic is not good and then blend them yourself after (more tedious).


  • I use a series of Pixelmator images for "writing" math on a Mac. Create a 4096x4096 image gives you a fairly large canvas. A new page can be added by adding a new "layer". To record what you're doing, if you combine SoundFlower + QuickTime you can have screen+audio recording (see youtube for videos on how)