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This follows on from a recent question about embedding audio in PDF slides. I don't like the thought of users needing to use a particular PDF viewer in order to hear the audio and I don't like the thought of needing proprietary software just to create the presentations. Thus, another option would be to create HTML slides. There are a range of HTML slide production approaches (e.g., S5, DZSlides, Slidy, Slideous).

Update: I was thinking about using pandoc to convert markdown into one of the slide formats. @Federico mentions the audio HTML tag. I assume that would be part of an overall solution. This presumably represents a basic answer, but I'd be keen to get some guidance about how this works on a practical level:

  • Are there any examples of implementing audio in HTML slides?
  • Are there any strategies for increasing the usability of consuming and activating the audio?
  • Are there any browser or operating system compatibility issues?

Thus, in a broad sense my question is

How can HTML slides be created in an effective and efficient way with embedded audio?

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If I read correctly, in all those HTML slide systems you write the HTML file directly, it is not produced by some external tool. So I think you can simply put an audio tag in it. Or am I missing something?