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Sometimes I receive some emails to attend scientific conferences organized in beautiful tourist places.

For example, recently I got a message for a conference in the wonderful Italian Cinque Terre, that was promoting both the conference scientific relevance and the beauty of the city locations. Or, another time, I received a message that invited me to attend a conference in the marvelous mountains of Bardonecchia next winter. In this case, the mail said that organizers would provide a ski pass for skiing activities for any participant.

These kind of conferences leaves me quite doubtful.

The aim of the organizers is obvious: to sum up the beauty of the places to the scientific importance of the conference, to convince more people to attend. But is it fair?

I'm wondering: is it right to organize conferences in wonderful places, to make people coming more for the beauty of the places than for the scientific relevance of the event?

Should not a conference be attended just and only for the scientific relevance?

Does it have to be necessarily a partial vacation for attendees?

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Often a “beautiful tourist place”

  • Has cheap flights to it.
  • Has cheap hotels.
  • Has lots of flights to it.

Even for conferences that only have people from the UK going, it can often be more cost effective to run them outside of the UK.

But even given the above, it can be a problem being seen to be going if public funds are paying.