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A typical freshman course on calculus has about 100 students every semester. If the course is divided into 4 sections, each has 25 students and a different instructor.

Because the instructors are different, a student's grade may strongly depend on who teaches his section. Lazy students could ask other students before registering who is the easiest grader or who makes easy or straightforward exams, etc. This is unfair to the rest of the students.

Has anybody else faced the same problem? And how did you overcome it?

What criteria one should impose to guarantee that a student's grade will only weakly depend on who is teaching him?.

We are thinking about giving all sections the same midterms and finals. But, obviously this is not enough

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You already said, "we are thinking about making same midterms and same finals exams to all sections, but obviously this is not enough".

In effect it is not possible on a practical level to be equal since it all depends on how each professor teach and interact with his/her students. Each professor has specific personality and way of doing things which different people/student would like and dislike. However, somehow the following principles are followed by each professor, each class may be comparably good:

  1. Professors are dedicated to student's welfare
  2. There is a good understanding among the professors and they are in agreement with what should be taught (This may include regular meetings among themselves)

Apart from this each professor has his/her natural way of teaching that he/she is most confident about and this cannot be separated.