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Or, is it a good practice?

I found most papers that I read are "block by block": they have paragraphs that are not so long, and not so short. Is it a convention? Should I mimic that?

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If the result reads like a newspaper, I would say, no, it's not alright.

If it reads like Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, then you are probably doing something right.

Unless you are an exceptional writer, my advice is to follow the accepted conventions of your field, which probably includes block paragraphs.

A longer paragraph allows one to build up an idea and explore it more thoroughly. The first sentence introduces the idea. Subsequent sentences explore it in more detail. There should be a logical connection between sentences, and sentences should ideally vary in length. Developing good style is matter of practice and reflection. And there is more to good style than the length of a paragraph.