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Publishing in a journal is a long process that might take a lot of time (> 1 year), and is possibly involved of several phases (submit, re-submit, re-re-submit...)

As the time passes, things change. Specifically, new results appear.

What should one do with the new stuff that happens between resubmissions?

  • Do one needs to cite / refer to papers that first appeared after the original date submission?
  • Do one needs to update citations to papers that on the date of the original submission appeared only on arXiv, but now appear in a journal (those possibly slightly different than the original work cited in the original submission)?

EDIT: maybe one should wait for acceptance, and only then do the updates?

1 Answer 1

Would like to add a partial answer. Don't know the answer to the first one.

But about the second:

Do one needs to update citations to papers .....?

Yes, they need to be updated. Most publishers ask to update bibliography with latest information.

But if the original content that appeared in arXiv is changed in the final publication, it is better to keep the original citation in your paper, specifying the exact version that you cited.