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As I am reviewing sources for my thesis, I am citing my sources in an (APA style) annotated bibliography (as required). However, I am also finding some excellent points from other sources that are either not entirely on-topic or less-empirical (read: poorly referenced). I have (of course) kept track of them.

What is the accepted practice for listing cited works in a thesis? Is it acceptable to have an annotated bibliography, as well as a list of "additonal works cited?" Or should they all be listed (with annotations) consistently in one section?

I have posed this question to my adviser, but I would also like to hear from others as well.

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Generally thesis formatting questions are answered by someone at the the institutional level. At my institution, deviations from the proscribed format were not permitted. You should verify with your institution what the guidelines are. The academic merit of this approach may be a secondary concern. Usually the person who is in charge of this can be found working for your institution's library.