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Possible Duplicate:
Are the referees of a journal allowed to reveal the title of the papers they review after the review process?

Suppose you were a single-blind paper reviewer (i.e. you could see the author's name, but they couldn't see your name) and you didn't obviously de-anonymize yourself during the review. If the paper gets accepted and published, and you are writing a review/summary of it (in its published form, not in any pre-publication form you have seen) on your blog after it appears in print.

  1. Can you mention the fact that you were a reviewer for this paper?

  2. Can you make comments about pre-publication versions of the paper? For instance: 'when submitted the paper lacked X, but other reviewers and I suggested it to be added and after revisions the author provided a full proof of X'.

1 Answer 1

I'd just pretend that you stumbled across a paper, rather than say you reviewed it on your blog.

And you should not make comments about the pre-published version of the paper. This could be embarrassing for the author, and seriously violates the trust embodied in the reviewing process.