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I am currently conducting researches that are almost mainly theoretical (I am a TCS researcher gone rogue = I also work on applying theory stuff to real life problems). In the future I plan to conduct several large experimental studies involving technical experiments AND human validation of the results.

I am a neophyte in conducting this kind of very large studies involving technicalities and "humanities". I ask around and search on the web for a textbook about this matter and do not find any comprehensive resource.

So the question : do you have any pointer to a book/survey/other explaining the whole process of a large scale experimental study? It can be from any domain.

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I would say that the classic in experimental social science methodology is Shadish & Cook's "Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Generalized Causal Inference".

It covers various forms of experimental research design and also go into considerable detail in explaining the logic and practical steps of each.