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Before you put duplicate from this Which are the food-safe materials and how do I recognize them? please read

I need to know if this 3D Inkā„¢ (PLA Filament) is food safethis

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In general, PLA is known as a "food safe" filament, especially Natural PLA. However, filament suppliers have different processes that may detriment the food safe quality.

Doing a little digging, I found an article on the M3D site which mentions the following about their filament

All of our products, including our filaments are made from 100% non-toxic components and considered generally safe under normal use. They are not considered a chemical, or a hazardous material by OSHA standards. Therefore, OSHA defines it as an "article" and does not require MSDS sheets. You can see more information about that here: http://www.ilpi.com/msds/faq/partb.html#article

So, without contacting M3D directly to acquire an MSDS (or asking if its food safe), you will not find one online.

Here is an article on a few tips for printing food safe objects as well. In a nut shell, don't 3D print food handling objects with crevasses, using uranium, or intend to put in the oven (a.k.a common sense).