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I have a solidoodle 4 and have blown the power supply . Long and the short of it is I am trying to modify a Xbox 1 power supply to fulfill the need. I am measuring he voltage at the output and its 14.04 volt.

Question is this, is the operational voltage range on a solidoodle able to operate on 14 volt ?

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I have not used or seen a solidoodle 4, but as found on the internet, the controller board used in the printer is a version of the Sanguinololu, and the reprap wiki says that

The board is designed to be flexible in its power source, working with a 12V/5V ATX power supply or any 7V-35V power source via the on-board voltage regulator.

if you're using a board not older than V0.7 http://reprap.org/wiki/Sanguinololu

However, I have also found images that show the Solidoodle with this board:
which can be used with 11-15V. This however might be for older versions of the printer.

There are some things to keep in mind: if there is no voltage regulator on the board, make sure that all parts can take the voltage without overheating at some points.