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I'm trying to squeeze a little better quality out of my time lapses generated by OctoPrint.

I'm using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 with a Pi 3. I've already edited the Octopi config to get 720p resolution, but the encoding during time lapse rendering is horrific. Blocky as hell.

Right now the encoding is set up at 5000k. What am I doing wrong here?

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There's a new timelapse plugin called octolapse that may help. One of the things I noticed with the default timelapses is that lots of things change from image to image, which results in HUGE amounts of mpeg artifacts as it has to constantly redraw large parts of the screen. With octolapse and it's stabilized images the change from image to image is very minimal... mostly just the new layer. The reduction of how much stuff is moving means the same, or even lower, encoded bitrate produces far superior movies.

Compare this 11.1 MB file from the default timelapse tool: https://cabbey.smugmug.com/Fun/3D-Printing/i-9DrS42n/A

to this 6.8MB file from octolapse: https://cabbey.smugmug.com/Fun/3D-Printing/i-p3GvvhH/A

Note that these are the SAME PRINT JOB, as I had both tools recording at the same time.