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I've printed mostly ABS in the past and encountered delamination between layers many times. I've ensured the following conditions regularly:

  • Build plate is level
  • Base of print isn't warped (using ABS slurry)
  • Prevent air draft. I've added acrylic panels to the sides of the machine and the machine is in a custom cupboard.
  • Nozzle temperature at about 225C
  • HBP temperature at about 112C (I live in NW USA, so the ambient temperature is typically fairly cool).
  • Using MakerBot filament

What are some other variables to consider to help prevent delamination between layers?

1 Answer 1

I know some could not fit your question but maybe someone will look for all possibilities.

Delamination can be caused by:

  1. filament

    • humidity
    • diameter
  2. extruder

    • pressure (holdfast) - soft filament can be crumpled caused by extensive retraction)
    • dirty jagger teeth (knurls)
    • thermistor/wire failure - when it reports temp under ie 170C then extruder doesn't extrude
    • caret floatage (extruder motor cannot pull filament so it climbs)
  3. general

    • printing speed
    • temperature issue