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My Makerbot replicator 2 stops and restarts automatically. I lose the print and the extruder head does not move from the position. (obviously). We have checked wiring a few times. Have not seen any issues so far. Maybe I am missing something. We have recently changed the ceramic tapes, fans etc. just recently.

It happens once in a while. But once it starts, it continuous, and it doesnt stop unless we shut it down for a few hours. or sometimes even days.

Any ideas what the issue could be. Or are more details required.

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I've heard of a few issues like this, always relating to hardware problems. If you feel comfortable opening up the hardware on your machine, confirm that all of your connections are firmly connected to your printers Circuit Cards. The issues i've dealt with I determined came from a loose connection and the gantry running would shake the connections enough to cause a loss of signal.