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I am looking to others who have successfully printed in ABS using a Wanhao Duplicator i3.

I have tried and get a lot of warping and delamination. I tried putting a large box over the printer which did help with the warping some but I am still getting some layer separation. I used 235 °C for the extruder and 100 °C for the bed. I am printing at 40 mm/s and 0.2 mm layer height.

If someone has ABS and PETG settings for this printer, your help would be appreciated.

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I've had hit and miss success, but nothing I would consider great. I was using Hatchbox ABS with the extruder at 230 °C and the bed at 65 °C and a homemade enclosure.

One thing that did help was making sure the HVAC vents near the printer were closed.