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Is it possible to connect two pieces of 1.75 mm filament end to end, with no change in width? I am asking the question because I am interested in creating a multi-filament feeder to a single extruder, and I am curious about the process of changing filament while the 3-d printer extruder continues uninterrupted. My current best-guess at the optimal solution is to someone 'cut' one end of the filament and 'melt' it to the end of another filament.

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Here is a neat method I came up with: - cut both ends diagonally - insert them in a piece of heat-shrink tubing, making sure the diagonal cuts overlap - protect everything but the overlap with Kapton tape - heat the overlap with a heat gun. - you will need to monitor and experiment with the temperature. too much heat will deform and bubble the filament, too less heat will result in a poor join - use a multimiter with temperature probe.

How it works ?

The heat shrink tubing encloses the filament ends and also pushes them together when it shrinks. The diagonal cuts increase the joint area. Results are super strong and seamless joints. You might need to do a little sanding until you establish the right temperature for your setup.

I made a video how to do it : https://youtu.be/eJeU9lXiQPE