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Can I use a metal filament such as Copper, Zinc Alloy, Silver filaments on M3D Micro? The Pro hasn't come out yet but I assume it would if the Micro can since the Pro is suppose to be the improvement edition.

An example of a metal filament that I found is this Silver PLA 1.75mm Filament. Here's one for Cooper PLA 1.75mm Filament.

I would like to make small sculptures or bracelet beads/charms, and whatever else I could think of making using metal. And, I'm asking because I'm new to 3d printing, I want to learn how to work with a 3d printer and M3D is very affordable for me. So I'm making sure before I buy. Note that I've emailed M3D twice and I didn't get any reply.

If not M3D, can any other 3D Printer comparable to M3D do this? The MBot Mini, maybe?

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Most 3D printers that use non-proprietary filament can print exotic filaments, such as the ones you mention. One thing to be aware of, though, is that some of these filaments wear down the nozzle far more quickly than ordinary PLA, and therefore should be used with reinforced nozzles (unless you have extra nozzles to spare). Carbon fibre and metallic filaments are generally known to increase nozzle wear, while softer alloys such as wood and bamboo generally are less abrasive.

A quick google search reveals that many people have used non-proprietary filament on the M3D Micro successfully, but be aware that using such filaments is not covered by your warranty. If you are going to use abrasive filaments with your Micro, I would check that M3D allows you to replace the nozzle first.