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I have a serious problem and I can't find a way to solve it because I have no idea why is it happening. For some reason the things I print get really messy, like a mountain range growing on the print. It looks like overflow but it can't be because I'm already using 0.82 flow modifier and if I go any lower the printout will fall apart as the extrusions won't touch at all. I've double checked my extruder steps and my filament and also my nozzle width, all are set up correctly. The whole thing looks like the printer is over-extruding just in some parts of the print. enter image description here

1 Answer 1

It definitely looks like over extruding. But similar effect can appear with proper extruding (or not too much exceeded) but with too high temperature.

If it appears only on some parts of the first layer then it can be:

  • bed leveling issue (or eventually bed is bent)
  • caret mechanism issue (dispositioned/bent)

You can also check different speeds just to be sure.