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By what process does the Prusa i3 determine it's home position?

I have a feeling that it works like this, but I'm not entirely sure about it:

  1. If none of the end stops are activated; assume you are somewhere between Max-X, Max-Y, Max-Z and the point 0,0,0.
  2. do
    1. For axis in Axies
      1. If axis endstop not signaling
        1. subtract 100 steps from axis.
  3. while endstops are not signaling, or if point 0,0,0 not reached;

1 Answer 1

It works like you describe, but it does not move all axes at the same time. It first moves the X-axis, subtracting steps while the X endstop is not pressed. When the X-axis is is homed (the X-endstop is gets pressed) it repeats the procedure for the Y-axis and finally the Z-axis.