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I own a delta 3D printer. The problem is that, at the beginning of a print the extruder outputs dirty filament. I want a clean filament flow at the start of my prints!

How can I make the hotend exit the print surface (glass plate) by 10mm, extrude the bad filament and go back to printing again? Can this be done with G-code?

My Z high is 190 mm and the glass plate diameter is 120 mm. I'm using Marlin + Ramps 1.4.

I'm using Repetier-Host and CuraEngine as Slicer, but I really would like a G-code that can work on multiple environments like Cura and Repetier. I just want to add it to the start G-code and print!

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Slic3r, and all other slicers that I saw, have an option called Skirt that enables your printer to print a number of lines around your object before it starts printing the object itself.

This should ensure that both the nozzle is filled with filament and the printer got rid of any burned / dirty filament when it starts printing your object.

If you use Slic3r as standalone, you have to activate expert mode in the preferences. If you use it through Repetier-host it should already be in expert mode.

You can see all available options in the Slic3r documentation for Skirt.