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I'm interested in finding online APIs where you could perform a call to some third party service with some print preparation request with my model (i.e. "heal a model" or "set up support") and get in return GCODE file I can send to a 3D printer. My input will be :

  • The 3d model (obj, stl)
  • My printer (makerbot, ultimaker, whatever) or a printer profile
  • A printing profile

This is opposed to all the classical 3D printing processes we have right now. Currently when printing in a 3D printer you would need to go through these phases:

  1. Create/Download a model
  2. Prepare the model for printing with some 3rd party desktop software
  3. Export the model as gcode
  4. Save the file to some flash drive
  5. Plug the flash drive into the printer
  6. Print the model with the printer interface

I would like to know if this process can be simplified to a point where you can just print your model directly from your web browser without going through all these steps. I know I'm over simplifying things here, but I would still want to see if solutions like I suggested exist?


1 Answer 1

There are a few methods to simplify your workflow. Two solutions are outlined below and both feature a documented API you can use to further customize your workflow.

OctoPrint was mentioned by other users. OctoPrint will allow you to configure your printer, print profiles and upload STLs for printing from a web interface. You can configure profiles, slicers and slicer profiles for OctoPrint to use to complete your workflow.

Astroprint offers cloud slicing services in addition to features allowing you to manage printers and print profiles.