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Good morning everyone,

I am developing a consulting job in a clinic of dental CT scans.

This work involves the development of administrative software, and preparing a routine for conversion of tomographic files in DICOM format to STL format. The files in STL format will be used for both visualization and analysis of 3D models, such as printing in 3D printers.

Our problem is just the conversion DICOM to STL.

Has anyone come across this kind of situation? We did not find any documentation or tool for this purpose in our searches and we are really with a gande urgency in the solution.

Advance grateful for any assistance.

1 Answer 1

there is a nice software to do it, a brazilian one, called Invesalius (http://svn.softwarepublico.gov.br/trac/invesalius). Itksnap is probably a better initial choise, since it is more intuitive (http://www.itksnap.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php).

But anymways, it is not a easy job to do, and probably you will need other softwares to help you clean the mesh, like meshlab or Geomagic.

Good luck