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I'd like to build plotter for working without PC (supply by battery). Plotter will wright only several numbers on a card. (really short gcode)

Do you know any firmware, which can be easily modified for this reason? Or do you know gcode library which could be easily implemented into my stepper controller in Arduino.

My plan is to use repetier (printing from SD), but i prefer to print without SD. Repetier is also to big, there is a lot of function I don't need.

Thank you Lukas

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Your question may be useful to people interested in 3d printing (the purpose of this SE Site) so, even though you're not asking a 3d printing question per se, I think this answer will be helpful...


GRBL is a well known and mature g-code interpreter that will run on an Arduino Uno and is free and open source. Check it out here.

I hope this helps! :-)