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I am new to 3D printing. I have just put together my own 3D printer with some help.

I was advised I shouldn't print directly onto the aluminium plate - I assume it's aluminium.

  1. The manufacturer did give me a piece of matrix board (i.e. no cooper at all) to print on. Will this work well?

  2. If glass is better, does it have to cover the entire bed? My bed is 275 mm deep by 220 mm wide. I'm struggling to find glass for it that will come within the next few days. The only custom cut was on eBay and it's going to take over a week to arrive.

1 Answer 1

Printing on glass is very common because it is very flat and leaves a very smooth finish on the bottom of prints. The perfboard will also work fine, but is not an as common choice because prints are harder to remove from it.

Printing directly onto the heater PCB is uncommon since it is usually not flat enough and you may damage it while removing the print.