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In 4D printing technology or by means usage of Shape-memory alloy (non-metal, iron based, copper based or NiTi material) for 3D printing.

Is there any simulation tool software which i can use to simulate those material change behavior in respect to time? (for e.g when introduce with change in humidity or change in temperature)

Note: It would be best if the simulation tools targeted if for automotive parts (power train, cooling system, interior & exterior etc).

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I am going to say that this probably is a whole dimension out of scope for this group ;-)

That said this new type of 3d printing is still at the University level. Also 4d is not necessarily 3d printing related at all. All it has to be is self assembling. IE


Unless you have a connect with MIT. Then you aren't going to be simulating any 4d models.

But if you HAD to do this, then you should write a paper about it and become a researcher. You could get published. You might need a PHD in material science. There might be some simulation in solid works.. but I would say you are mostly on your own and have to develop the models as they simply do not exist, especially outside of academia and stratasys.

That said if you take the "4d" part and use models based on the current understanding of the raw material you would have more success.