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The local stores have started to stop selling filaments in the smaller 0.5 kg spools, and it's getting harder to maintain an assortment without buying lots of big spools.

I mainly just want a bunch of different colors (red, black, blue, green, etc.), ideally as a bunch of small spool "samples" or like a "sampler pack". -- Even if they're at .25 kg spool sizes... -- I don't want to spend a ton of money on buying and storing a ton of 1.0kg - 2.0kg spools.

I prefer to print in PLA, but ABS is fine. I can only print 1.75mm filament.

The seller should to be able to ship to western US, and have filament of decent quality that's not going to ruin my printer.

What do you recommend?

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Amazon, of course. I found a pack of 20 colors, maybe 50g each or so, 1.75 PLA. (that link is direct to this product).


Well, dang, I blinked at that particular item is off the list. Here are two other multicolor packages currently available (2PM EDT 20 Oct 2016)

one , and ... two