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Printer: FDM printer (FDM == Fusion Deposition Modelling).

Raw Material: Thermoplastics.

How do I do multicolor printing? What changes should I make to the printing process/to the raw material used?

(Answer in the context of printing a basic 3X3 Rubix cube)

Bonus: What are the best practises while doing multi-colour printing? (<-- This is opinion based and/or broad, so pl add an answer to this point as an extra to your answers if you can. It would greatly help people getting started/practising with multi-colour printing)

1 Answer 1

Design a product in such a way that it has different heights that can be seen in one plane.

By using direct drive extrusion we can easily change the material of different colours with out pausing the print to obtain colour print.

Example of multicoloured print