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In my last topic I learned that Pronterface can control powder 3D printer provided that the slicer generate g-code for printer which is printing from metal. My question is as follows. Is there a slicer (open-source or other easily accessible), which will generate g-code that will be able to command the printer which operates on the following principle?

enter image description here

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Laser SLS printers (3D Metal Printer) software requirements are very similar to SLA printers specially laser ones.

There are lots of different tools which you can use together.

You can use Lasershark 3D together with creationworkshop.

Also you can convert your source file to SVG or image files, using Slic3r, nanoDLP SLC2PNG or Asiga Stomp/Sleece. And convert SVG or Image files to toolpaths using cad.py, gcodeplot or any other freely available softwares.