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I'm using the Marlin firmware (1.1.0-RC7 - 31 July 2016) for a 3d printer. Currently the printing is not perfect due to slight inaccuracies in movements along the x and y axis. I'm trying to change the feedrate for speed along the xy axis whilst the printer is in operation to make sure the printer stops on time and prints accurately.

I have some code for controlling the feedrate but the problem is that I'm not sure where I am supposed make these adjustments. In the configuration.h file I see this code: (lines 742 and 753 )

/*line 742*/ #define HOMING_FEEDRATE_XY (50*60) /*line 753*/ #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE {300, 300, 5, 25} // (mm/sec) 

I'm probably misunderstanding something but it seems like this sets the feedrate to a default value which is the same as the maximum.

If the feedrate changes during printing I'm guessing it would be done in Marlin_main.cpp but I'm not sure which part it actually changes. Can someone point me in the right direction here?

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It seems like you might be wanting to look at the steps per mm line.


This line is where you calibrate the number of steps per mm. To calibrate, mark a point along an axis, then move that axis something like 100 mm. If it didn't move 100 mm exactly, make a change

(how far it moved) (how far it should have moved) ------------------ = ------------------------------ (current steps/mm) (new steps/mm) --> find this