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I had my printer printing fine when using the stock trigger switch as I used it to print the green bracket you see in the picture.

Photo of probe atached to hotend

My problem now is when I do a print with the sensor, it moves to 0,0 position. However in this position the sensor is hanging off the bed hence there is nothing for it detect so it crashes into the bed.

As far as I can tell the nozzle is homing in the right place.

How do I tell Marlin the new minimum position it needs to be in so it doesn't crash into the bed?

1 Answer 1

If using marlin firmware center your prints.

In my case...

#define NOZZLE_X 8 #define NOZZLE_Y -56 

Then, set the Z-Probe offset from nozzle. In my case the Z-Probe is 50mm behind the hotend.

#define SENSOR_LEFT 0 #define SENSOR_RIGHT 0 #define SENSOR_FRONT 0 #define SENSOR_BEHIND 50 

Finally set the bed extra movement. As you see i added the 50mm's at the back of the bed.

#define XTRA_BED_LEFT 0 // Distance nozzle can move towards the left past X = 0 #define XTRA_BED_RIGHT 0 // Distance nozzle can move towards the right past X = 200 #define XTRA_BED_FRONT 0 // Distance bed can move towards the front past Y = 200 (Y=280 for large bed) #define XTRA_BED_BACK 50 // Distance bed can move towards the back past Y = 0 

This way once auto leveling, the probe starts with 0,0 and the hotend is 50mm's in front and out of the bed.