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I'm looking to make 20-30 IoT devices, with the pi zero. The price point is perfect, the only downside is that it doesn't have an Ethernet jack and the power adapter is not included.

I found a mod that deals with both of these issues, however it would involve a lot of soldering. The mod takes a USB to Ethernet adapter and 48 to 5 volt converter and allows the device to be both powered and connected to the internet with just an Ethernet cable.

With 3D printing or Milling is it possible to make something that snap fits the components together and mitigate a lot of soldering? Is it possible to print or mill something that will do the 48 to 5 volt conversion?


  1. Two male micro USB heads
  2. 48 to 5 volt converter
  3. Ethernet adapter board
  4. Pi zero

enter image description here

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3D Print A Solderless Circuit Board

I think this was the solution I was looking for, unless someone else knows a method that's cheaper, faster, safer, etc.