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Doing some low level monitoring, the following sequence is sent to the printer:

N0 M106*36 N1 G28*18 N2 M107*39 

This sequence just turns the fan on, homes the printer, then turns the fan off.

Question: What is the purpose of the asterix/star/(*) and the two succeeding digits on each line?

1 Answer 1

That is a checksum. It's added by the host software to the G-code, to allow some basic verification by the firmware that the G-code was transmitted unchanged. It doesn't change the meaning of the G-code, and what your sequence actually represents is just M106, G28, M107. The N0,N1,N2,... are line numbers, and the combination of line numbers and checksums is used to request a re-send of any lines that were corrupted during transmission.