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I run a high school 3D printer lab and we have several 5th generation MakerBot printers. On one of them I have considerable trouble with "thin" prints and filament slip warnings.

So far I've tried changing extruders and using different filament rolls with no luck. But, if I move the job and the extruder to a different printer it works.

I'd appreciate suggestions for how to sort this out. I would have expected the slipping problems to follow the extruder.

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We had a similar issue with our Makerbot printer here in the CARIS lab. We would have slip, after slip and tried oiling, hand feeding, and roughing up the filament none of it worked. But we found an answer!!!

With the smart extruder, it's as simple as inserting a flathead screwdriver between the filament wheel and the housing, and prying the wheel towards the pin-side of the print head. Solved all our problems! Seriously, not a slip since and perfect prints.

I've a short solution video for YouTube, Fixing filament slip on your 3D printer.

Check out the makerbot trouble shooting page for reference: MakerBot Support > Troubleshooting > MakerBot Replicator > Error Codes ERROR 81