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Nozzle diameter = .4 Extrusion multiplier = 1 Extrusion Width = .45 <-- I feel like this could be reduced to fix it? Layer Height = .3 

I'm using Simplify3D.

enter image description here enter image description here

1 Answer 1

Your printer is over extruding.

It looks like PLA on the photo, the preset multiplier in S3D is 0.90 (not 1.0!)

The nozzle diameter should be the same as the extrusion width (both 0.40).

When you set the width to auto you get a bigger width. I don't really know why, but it was told me so.

If you print 1.75 mm you have to measure it and (the actual diameter is often around 1.78 mm, maybe less too). The multiplier of 0.9 is because PLA is softer then ABS for example. Maybe you should try other multipliers as well, maybe down to 0.85 in 0.01 steps.

I hope you can figure this problem out. I am experimenting by myself for days now to get it as sharp as possible. The goal is to get an edge with the diameter of the nozzle - not a bit more.