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I have a Tronxy P802M (very similar to the Anet A8, but using a Melzi2.0V5 board) that seems to work fine (I just finished building, and axes movement and the integrated display work) but when I try to connect to the printer from my Simplify3D on Windows 10, I get the following:

[...] Connected to machine! SENT: T0 READ: ok 0 READ: wait SENT: M105 READ: ok 0 READ: T:24.44 /0 B:23.33 /0 [email protected]:0 @:0 Connection failed. 

My other printers all connect fine.

1 Answer 1

The Simplify3D support site mentions to disable the "wait for startup command" option in the firmware configuration for S3D.

This allows me to make a rudimentary connection to control the printer, however e.g. during the bed levelling wizard of S3D, the connection still breaks off.

It works reliably with Octoprint. I'll consider that good enough.