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I am an undergraduate student in Mathematics and I think that I have discovered something significant in Mathematics. My friends and some professors to whom I have sent my ideas also confirmed its significance. They suggested me to write a paper on it.

But the problem is that being an undergraduate student in Mathematics, I don't know how to write a paper. Besides, the professors to whom I have sent my ideas weren't experts in this field and they have asked me to send my works to some experts in the field. But unfortunately I don't know anyone such and I see no point in assuming that even if my work is significant, they would give time to read it without dismissing it beforehand as a work of some crank.

So what should I do? Can some suggestions be provided?

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First of all, Im not a mathematician but I am in a closely related field (CS)

I work in the machine learning domain and sometimes I read mathematical papers to find hints of my problem so I think I may able to provide a little help.

According to my experience, the most different part in Maths to the other domain is that, their main results, are always a collection of theorems or properties instead of experiments / methods.

In most of the cases I saw people organize their paper in the following way:

  • Formulate the problem, provide some minimum facts that is nessasary for the readers to understand your contribution.

  • List out your main results in layman terms.

  • Write all the necessary lemmas and theorems that finally lead to your main results.

  • QED!

  • If available, some application examples.