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I am wondering if it would it be feasible (at an affordable price) to 3D print a boat hull (small dimensions, maybe something like 60x40x20 cm).

I am mostly concerned about:

  • durability (against salty water, UV rays, extreme temperatures (under the sun or in a cold ocean)
  • strength (the material should be able to resist some chocs and maybe a little bit of pressure if a wave was to smash on it).
  • waterproofness

Those characteristics should last during extended periods of time in water (at least several months, maybe more, about a year or two).

Is there any easily accessible 3D printing material that would match those characteristics?

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Something similar has been done in ABS already, although I don't expect it gets left in the water for years. See the video, showing a kayak being printed in many ABS sections of about one cubic foot, then bolted together and sealed.