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I have a Prusa i3 made by Geeetech. My 3D prints keep suffering from warping.

Whenever I print something with a base at about 10 cm x 10 cm, at least one corner of the print would warp up. I've read numerous articles about warping and tried all sorts of methods. My printer's bed is level, and heated to 60°C. My bed is made from clean glass. I've tried all sorts of adhesives. I tried blue tape, and used hair spray.

The only way for me to combat this is gluing the base to blue tape with 502 Glue. I used brim and the whole brim just warps up. I sometimes leave the model printing over night. For the first few hours it's perfectly flat. When I go back to it the next morning I'd find one corner warped up. This is very dysfunctional to my prints.

Is there a reliable way to stop this warping from happening?

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For ABS it will warp unless you build a heat chamber.

That said the tricks to reduce warping come down to:

  1. Material, i.e. PLA is less likely to warp;
  2. Use a fan, it helps so much;
  3. Make sure you have temps calibrated well - Too hot is more warp;
  4. Use a raft. The Makerbot uses a raft and no heated bed;
  5. Make sure the room is not drafty. Having it by the window will result in warping;
  6. Adding a large brim also helps;
  7. I find good ol' glue sticks work the best at keeping the print to the bed;
  8. SMASH the first layer. This one is controversial. I personally do first layer at 130% and print speed of 30%. You get elephants foot sure, but it's on the bed real good.

Tom is right. It is very very hard to print that big of a piece without warping. That said I have done very large pieces on my Ultimaker, using a fan, glue stick, MatterHackers PRO PLA and no raft. But again that's on an Ultimaker.

Note you can build a heat chamber pretty easily. Specifically a passive heat chamber.