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If I wanted to add my own custom M Codes in Marlin - in which source code file would I do that?

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In the file Marlin_main.cpp on line 7131 there is a switch case:

(To turn on line numbers go to File>Preferences and click Display line numbers.)

case 'M': switch (codenum) { #if ENABLED(ULTIPANEL) case 0: // M0 - Unconditional stop - Wait for user button press on LCD case 1: // M1 - Conditional stop - Wait for user button press on LCD gcode_M0_M1(); break; #endif // ULTIPANEL case 17: gcode_M17(); break; etc..... 

Adding another case with an unused number such as 5 and then the code you want followed by a break should do the trick. Ex:

case 5: doABunchofCoolStuff(); myservo.write(thebestposition); break;