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I have been playing around with creating scripts to generate some custom g-code for a malyan M180 and I am having trouble understand what commands to use to switch nozzles. Sometimes I can get the nozzles to switch and it doesn't recenter but sometimes it does. I have been using:

G54 M108 T0; switch to left 


G55 M108 T1; switch to right 

Has anyone else looked into this and have any idea what commands or sequence of commands should be used to change nozzles?

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No, M108 does not do that. You are looking for T#, where # is the tool position you want:

T1 ; switch to tool position 1 T3 ; switch to tool position 3 

This tells the processor to send all heating, cooling and flow commands to this tool until another tool change is specified, and invokes the X/Y(/Z) offset for the new tool position.

See http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#T:_Select_Tool