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I'm thinking of recycling some filament from a couple of recently failed prints. I can reuse them in the future for basic prototypes, so I'm not concerned with whatever weird mixture of colors come out (they are of a few different colors).

The thing is, I have both PLA and ABS, in small quantities. I originally intended to simply use each one separately, but it occurred to me that they could be mixed.

If I recycle PLA and ABS together into one strand of filament, will there be any negative side effects (e.g. reduced strength)?

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Mix 'em, let us know how you go. You're unlikely to damage your printer, and you're only 'wasting' scrap.

I suspect that if you mix in small quantities of ABS (30% or less) you'll end up with a PLA mix similar to a 'wood' or 'metal' PLA filament.

To that end, recommend trying to print with PLA settings first, and going from there.

Make sure you let us know how you go, it'll be real interesting to see the results!