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The backstory: I'm installing a pigeon net in my home. Because of the shape of the opening I'm installing the net in and the material on the sides it's difficult to anchor the net using the normal means but I can print clips that will hold the net in place.

The clips will be outside and will be exposed to the weather and direct sunlight, the weather here is relatively hot (up to 30C) with a lot of sun most of the year and rain in the winter.

I only have PLA, ABS and PETG available, anything else will take too long to arrive.

I don't care about the parts changing color and mostly I don't care about them deforming a little bit - only about breaking.

If the parts have to be replaced after a year I'm ok with it, less then that will be annoying, longer will be better.

So, under those conditions, which of the 3 materials is more durable?

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We use PLA in an outdoor environment, non-direct sunlight. PLA seems to be just as strong as day one. It has been about six months now.

Of course, you must seal coat to protect from moisture.