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I broke up my electronics and now the output for X is not working. The stepper is OK.

There is any simple solution to remap the output pins? I want the E1 output to act as the X output.

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When using Marlin firmware you could easily change the pin layout of the extra extruder (E1) with the broken X stepper pins by changing the pins_RAMPS.h file.

Download the firmware and open the firmware project in Arduino IDE. Navigate to the "Steppers" section of the pins_RAMPS.h file and replace:

#define X_STEP_PIN 54 #define X_DIR_PIN 55 #define X_ENABLE_PIN 38 #define X_CS_PIN 53 


#define X_STEP_PIN 36 #define X_DIR_PIN 34 #define X_ENABLE_PIN 30 #define X_CS_PIN 44 

and also change:

#define E1_STEP_PIN 36 #define E1_DIR_PIN 34 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 30 #define E1_CS_PIN 44 


#define E1_STEP_PIN 54 #define E1_DIR_PIN 55 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 38 #define E1_CS_PIN 53 

When the file is changed an saved, build and upload code to your board and plug the connector of the X stepper into the E1 header.