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Sometimes supports are very difficult to remove (physically) when I print with ABS. The image below, from Thingiverse - MOF-5 unit cell, is after significant effort to remove the yellow ABS supports from a black ABS model.

Yellow ABS supports removed from black ABS model

I've learned about polyvinylalcohol (PVA) as a 3D-printing filament which is soluble in water. It seems like a great option for dual-extruder printers, where you can print the model with ABS or PLA and the supports with PVA, then throw the whole thing in water and let the supports dissolve.

I've considered other options since PVA is ~4x more expensive than ABS.

Doing a PLA print with ABS supports, followed by dissolution of ABS with acetone, is my best idea currently.

Has anyone found success with another option?

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While I haven't used PVA yet, think of it this way, it may be 4x the cost but you use significantly less material for support structures even if you have a lot of support.