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I am having trouble printing a hollow object using Slic3r. On flat slopes on top, there are gaps that I cannot get fixed. The perimeters of successive layers just don't cover each other.

Cura however adds filament to cover the gaps.

The bottom left bunny is sliced with Slic3r The top right bunny is sliced with Cura 2.5. Take a closer look at the forehead and the back of the bottom left bunny.

I have "extra perimeters if needed" turned on. But turning it off makes no difference. What am I missing?

So far only adding infill and increase the solid top layer count helps to get a closed surface. But then everything gets stiffer. The bunnies are printed with nylon so they are a bit squishy.

Cura and Slic3r Bunnies

The printer settings in both Cura and Slic3r are:

  • 0.4 mm nozzel;
  • 0.2 mm layer height;
  • No infill;
  • 2 perimeter walls, and;
  • 3 solid top/bottom layers.

1 Answer 1

What infill are you using? How flexible do you need the object to be?

I suggest two or three top and bottom layers, and a second or third solid perimeter as well.

The slicer has to determine if a particular path is part of an external perimeter or a top layer, so adding one to each should give a better result.

Thinner layers and a fan cooling the deposited material both help with overhangs like this.