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I need a complete list of fasteners (bolts, nuts and washers) for the Sintron Kossel.

Has anyone bought this kit, and knows the answer, or knows where this is documented?

A complete list would be great, but in particular, I need the dimensions (M2.5/3/4/5? and length) and quantity of the bolts (and nuts) which:

  • fasten the PCB mounted mechanical switches to the PLA rectangular end stop spacers/holders, and;
  • fasten the PCB mounted mechanical switches and the PLA rectangular end stop spacers/holders to the extruded 2020 aluminium.

I have:

  • Searched the web, but to no avail;
  • Read the product page, which states only "screws and nuts provided";
  • Contacted Sintron, but not had an answer;
  • Obtained the Sintron build manual but there is no list contained therein, nor contains details about the fasteners relating to the endstops, and;
  • Obtained the Blomker manual, from which the Sintron manual is copied, but that also has no list (as well as not being relevant with respect to the endstops).

Note that I am only interested in the fasteners specifically for the Sintron Kossel and not the Kossel in general. The Sintron uses the PCB mounted mechanical switches (with four holes), and not the simple barebones mechanical switches (with two holes), and uses 2020 aluminium1, not 1515 OpenBeam:

Endstops and PCB mounted mechanical switches for the Sintron Kossel

Why? Because I purchased only the 3D printed parts from Sintron, and I am sourcing the rest of the parts cheaply, either locally or from Chinese suppliers on eBay.

1 In my particular case, there is an additional complication. The profile of the non-standard/non-"European" 2020 extrusion that I am using, does not take T-Nuts, only M5 hexagonal nuts (it is unbelievably difficult to find the standard 2020 extrusion in Bangkok). Combine that with the fact that the Sintron kit uses only M3 nuts and not M5 (I only discovered this after purchasing the printed parts kit (see the email from Sintron, in my answer below) - not through lack of research, but because there is no available list of fasteners), then I have the problem of finding a nut to use (see Fat hexagonal M3 nuts, with outer diameter greater than 6 mm).

Here is a photo

Four pieces of 2020 Aluminium extrusion

1 Answer 1

I found two lists for the Kossel mini (the documents you referenced are for a mini, so that is what I am assuming you got). One as a Google Doc and one as an order sheet

Both seem to list all the fasteners.

Here is a Sintron mini carriage assembly and it lists the hardware included

I found an ebay listing for the Sintron 2020 Rails. The recommended screws are M3x20mm and here is the infor on the required t-nuts.<a href=enter image description here">

Happy building.