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I got an Anet A8 and want to build an enclosure for it. Since I'm currently only printing PLA, I would do it mainly for noise cancelling, because I have to run it in my room. I however want to have the possibility to upgrade it later with, say, an air filter etc., for example for ABS.

  • What do I have to pay attention to?
  • Do I need ventilation slits?
  • Would you put the filament inside or run it through a small hole from the top?
  • Any tips for making it especially noise cancelling?
  • Is wood the right material?

1 Answer 1

For ABS, if you are using an air filter, you do NOT want ventilation, because ABS prints are better quality if the ambient temperature is up at 50°C (or even warmer), and ventilation will reduce your chamber temperature. Whatever has been helping for noise cancelling now should work in the future.