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Testing my new Wanhao i3+. PLA plastic(Wanhao), basic normal quality settings in Cura (I guess 0.1 mm layer, 40 mm/s speed, 60c bed temp, 200c extruder temp). After 1.5 hours of printing quality degraded, it makes some loose structure.

Edit: After finish I noticed that problem exists only in layers where it cycles printing/no printing. There is no problem on layers where it print continuously.

What is the reason can be and how can I fix that?

enter image description here

1 Answer 1

It definitely looks like under extrusion.

  1. First thing I would check is the filament feeder to make sure it has a good grip in the filament.
  2. After that I would do another print to see if the problem is repeatable.

If it doesn't repeat, it may have been

  • A temporarily clogged nozzle
  • The filament was undersized in that segment and the filament feeder lost its grip.
  • The extruder got to cold for some reason in that segment and the feeder couldn't push the material through the extruder fast enough.

If it does repeat:

  • Re-inspect the filament feeder
  • Try increasing the the extruder temp to say, 225.
  • Try turning off retraction to see if it is related to those settings.